[Scribus] font management?

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Apr 17 14:17:11 CEST 2005

Peter Nermander wrote:

>One option I'd like to see in Scribus is the ability to exclude the system font directories. As it is now I can add additional font directories, but for the system fonts I will have to disable them one by one if I don't want them to show up.
You might be able to do this through fontconfig in 1.3 ... I'll have to 
look into whether or not I can suppress the loading of the system wide 
fonts.conf . I do like the idea of the /user/ having the /option/ of 
ignoring any system fonts that may be present.

>So better ways to disable/enable fonts (and groups of fonts, with user defined groups) in Scribus would probably give what most people would like.
That bit I'd personally prefer to see in a solution outside Scribus that 
would work for the rest of the system too. There's far too much in Linux 
distros and OSS apps that's application-specific and/or toolkit-specific 
already IMHO. That said, lightweight font grouping and 
enabling/disabling would be rather handy and probably wouldn't need much 
more than some more UI.

Craig Ringer

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