[Scribus] Code changes in 1.3.0cvs

Samudra Reiher maillist
Thu Apr 14 00:55:15 CEST 2005

Hello Craig,

> 1.3 should already run on freebsd. If there are build issues, then please let 
> us know and we will accept patches or find fixes.

yes, there are several build problems...
I'll tried it with default configure and make options for FreeBSD and 
failed. At the end of week there will be time for fixing these.

> Yes, there are significant code changes expected weekly, daily or even hourly 
> in the 1.3 tree. Do not consider it a stable codebase (in terms of the code, 
> not application stability) to start any port at all, even though you shouldnt 
> need any or many changes for freebsd.

O.k., good to hear this :-)


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