[Scribus] Typography again, quick and dirty for those in a hurry!

David Spagnol davecs
Tue Apr 12 23:58:05 CEST 2005

Here are a couple of quick fixes:

You need to open, as root, the file:


Anyway, scrolling from the top of the file, there are lines that begin as 
these do, substitute any that suit:

    key <AE09> { [         9,  parenleft,    0x1002020,    plusminus ] };
    key <AE10> { [         0, parenright,    0x1002021,       degree ] };

The two above will allocate Single and Double Daggers to ALTGR-9 and ALTGR-0

    key <AD03> { [         e,          E,    0x1000153,     0x1000152] };

That will put the oe and OE ligatures as ALTGR-E and ALTGR-SHIFT-E

    key <AC07> { [         j,          J,    0x100FB01,    0x100FB02 ] };

That will put the fi and fl ligatures on ALTGR-J and ALTGR-SHIFT-J

    key <AC09> { [         l,          L,    0x1002014,    0x1002013 ] };

That will put Emdash and Endash on ALTGR-L and ALTGR-SHIFT-L

    key <AB04> { [    v,     V, leftdoublequotemark, leftsinglequotemark ] };
    key <AB05> { [    b,     B, rightdoublequotemark,rightsinglequotemark ] };

That will put the 6 and 9 single quotes on ALTGR-SHIFT-v and ALTGR-SHIFT-b

Once you have done this, and saved the file, copy the file to your home area, 
as whenever Xorg is updated, the file will be overwritten with the original 

Before this works you will have to restart X. If it does not work, you will 
need to enable Right-Alt key as 3rd level chooser (KDE Control Centre). To 
enable it for ALL desktops, you need to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (if 
not present, /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 if not present either /etc/X11/XF86Config) 
there is a section relating to your keyboard, usually headed:

Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier "Keyboard1"

and you should add the line:

    Option "XkbOptions" "lv3:ralt-switch,compose:menu"

to that section.

Sorry if that's a bit complicated, it's easier than it looks if you follow the 
instructions correctly. The other problem is that the changes to the "latin" 
file assume your country file does not give the keys a different allocation. 
I know that for American and British keyboards it will work.

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