[Scribus] Typography: How to put it on your keyboard

David Spagnol davecs
Tue Apr 12 23:33:35 CEST 2005

There are a number of messages here about Typography.

Well it is possible to expand what your keyboard does in Linux, and I have 
written a piece at the following site, over a number of posts. The link is:


(Yeah I know it's a bit lengthy! And that's just the link!)

Without doing any of this, you should find 66 and 99-type double quotes on 
ALTGR- v and ALTGR-b. The 6 and 9 single quotes should have been on 
ALTGR-SHIFT-v and -b, but the file that controls that action is wrong.

I also hope to be adding another post soon telling you how to add more power 
to your "compose" key. Hope this helps someone.

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