[Scribus] Re: Mac & Windows Users

Martin Costabel costabel
Mon Apr 11 09:22:07 CEST 2005

Craig Ringer wrote:
> Martin has 1.2.x compiling against X11 with fink, but I don't think
> there are any native 1.2.2cvs builds in the sense of Qt/Mac and Aqua.
> BTW, I haven't forgotten about the really handy font work you're doing.
> I'm just utterly, totally swamped with uni and work, and if I can find
> any fragments of time I'll need to use them trying to nail 1.2.2 bugs.
> The work you're doing is appreciated and I'd really like to get it in to
> 1.3cvs (pending approval by everyone) when it's done.

The part with being swamped goes for me, too. Plus I'm in the homeland 
of the Craigs right now, and it doesn't do to be invited for doing 
research and then spend all your time on Fink and Scribus :-)

So I'll just wait for the release of 1.2.2 and then put a Fink package 
together (using X11, of course) where I'll try to use some of your ideas 
for reducing the number of patch hacks or at least their hackishness.

As for the non-X11 build, I think the corresponding patches have not 
been backported to 1.2.x and at least I have not tried to compile 1.2.x 
with Qt/Mac. Also I am not sure if releasing an app bundle too early 
wouldn't be rather harmful. Right now, if Scribus is slow on the Mac, or 
if there are little quirks with fonts, people can always blame it on X11 
for the Mac or on Fink, but if you release an app bundle and it is still 
slow, or if the Aqua buttons don't fit into their boxes or there are 
bugs with scrolling (all of which is the case for 1.3x with Aqua), it 
will fall back squarely onto Scribus itself and give it a bad press. 
More polishing of the Aqua side is certainly necessary.


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