[Scribus] Re: Mac & Windows Users

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Apr 11 07:30:11 CEST 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 02:51 +0200, Andreas Vox wrote:
> MrB wrote:
> > As you will have read, we are pushing to get 1.2.2 sorted ASAP. Are 
> > there any
> > required patches for 1.2.2 that the Mac and Windows (via cygwin) 
> > builders
> > have that we can and have not yet included in CVS?
> morefonts and fpoints should be back-portable.
> If it's true that 1.2.2 compiles natively on MacOSX I can prepare 
> patches for both.

Martin has 1.2.x compiling against X11 with fink, but I don't think
there are any native 1.2.2cvs builds in the sense of Qt/Mac and Aqua.

BTW, I haven't forgotten about the really handy font work you're doing.
I'm just utterly, totally swamped with uni and work, and if I can find
any fragments of time I'll need to use them trying to nail 1.2.2 bugs.
The work you're doing is appreciated and I'd really like to get it in to
1.3cvs (pending approval by everyone) when it's done.

Craig Ringer

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