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Craig Ringer craig
Mon Apr 11 07:55:20 CEST 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 07:43 +0200, Thomas R. Koll wrote:
> Hi Normann,
> Though maybe 10% onlist will understand your German, please use
> English instead of German.
> On Sun, Apr 10, 2005 at 01:45:45PM +0200, Normann Becker wrote:
> > Kann mir irgend jemand helfen bzw. sagen wie ich Quark X Press 
> > Dokumente (qxd files)
> > nach Scribus 1.2 importieren kann.
> I'm sorry it's not possible and surely will never happen.

It is possible, if documentation could be obtained for the QuarkXPress
format, to do an importer for parts of the document that can be
expressed in Scribus. You'd never get an accurate import though, as text
etc all work differently.

The realistic upshot is that yes, chances are it'll never happen.

I have explained all this in much more detail, please see the list

Craig Ringer

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