[Scribus] typography

Chris Smith chris
Sun Apr 10 16:12:22 CEST 2005

On Sunday 10 April 2005 04:21 am, Craig Bradney wrote:
> So use the remove unsused colours feature.

How does one get the standard list of colors back available to the document 
once this is done?

It seems awkward to me that whole color sets including colors not used in the 
document are saved with it and that the color sets that one can select and 
maintain when no document is open are not available when a document is open.

Maybe I'm just missing it but it isn't clear to me that the maintained color 
sets are available for appending from the Edit ---> Colors... dialog once a 
document has had unused colors removed as the Color Sets section is missing 
from said dialog when a document is open.

I admit I'm not a DTP pro but on the surface it would seem that saving a whole 
color set with a document should be a choice but not the default and that the 
maintained color sets should be available on demand, even when a document is 


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