[Scribus] Re: Scribus Digest, Vol 26, Issue 22

Deb and Peter Zweck debandpete
Sun Apr 10 06:40:48 CEST 2005

>> I want to set up margins for an auto text box in a book, but on some 
>> pages I will want full bleed diagrams or images. Is it possible to 
>> set up different margins (or none) on individual pages?
>> (Scribus 1.2.1)
> Hi Peter,
> 1. Full bleed is not supported yet. It's coming. :)
> 2. Edit>Template will give you the opportunity to set any number of 
> templates for any page in your document. Nothing prevents you to put 
> any element beyond margins.
> 3. Page>Apply Template will allow you to actually apply any template 
> created in 2.
> Louis

Thanks for that Louis. You seem to say that you can put elements outside 
the margins, but when I do this, anything outside the margins is not 
printed and you cannot change the margins in a page template.

What I am trying to work out is this:
In a 200 page book, for 90% of the time I will want a standard text box 
within set margins and I am trying to avoid having to manually draw all 
those text boxes, but on some pages I will want to have stuff beyond the 
margins....and.....I think I just worked out how to do it: Set up 
margins for the correct size auto text-box, create all the pages, reset 
margins, text box stays the original size :-)

Another question: is it possible to copy page templates between Scribus 


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