[Scribus] Re: what to do about the color palette?

Joe Richards jr_design
Sun Apr 10 05:36:41 CEST 2005

> One of the things I have been hoping would change at some point is the
> way that colors are presented.
> As it stands now, you are given an alphabetical listing of colors, with
> no ability to rearrange according any sort of palette scheme (unless 
> one
> artificially renamed them all).
> Is there a way to arrange by RGB/CMYK value?  Would others find that
> useful?  Maybe hue/saturation?

I'm used to working in documents that have 3-5 colors. With a list that 
short, the actual color arrangement in the list is of little 
consequence.  As a matter of habit, I always remove all unused colors, 
especially before sending a job to press-assuming I'm sending native 

> I also find that even though I may want access to the entire list of
> colors, I would prefer to have a much shorter working list on a given
> project.  So, for example, there could be two color requestors, a
> working list and a repository, from which I could pluck colors at any
> time to add to my working list.  This seems to especially come up when 
> I
> am editing an old file, from which I got rid of all unused colors, but
> I'd like to switch or add one from the master list -- maybe not sure
> which one, either.  The repository would not have to be saved with the
> scribus file, ever, since it has to do with the program, not the file
> content.

The color palette in 1.2.1 functions in a way that I find very useful. 
I can remove all unused colors, then go back and add a new one.  The 
color picker allows me to select from the different color sets (X11, 
Gnome, SVG).  Has this feature been removed in 1.3?

> It might also be useful to have some kind of indicator to show which
> colors are actually in use in a project, realizing of course that this
> would be subject to a kind of error in which I may have used a text
> color for one character that turned out to be a space, but that's a
> minor problem.  This comes up like this: I might be wanting to use a
> color I used several pages ago, and I know it was a aquamarine-like
> color, but which one?  Now all I can do is go back and highlight the
> instance to figure it out.
> I'll be interested to hear if others have similar or better ideas.

A "show used colors" function would be useful, even more useful would 
be a "show instances" function for tracking down that one item that's 
using a color you don't want anymore.
Joe "Rydel"

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