[Scribus] Re: Announcement: typography page on scribus wiki

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Fri Apr 8 15:20:25 CEST 2005

>>Hello everybody,
>>a few minutes ago, I created a new page for the scribus Wiki, which 
>>intends to provide some useful hints for those unexperienced in 
>>The first entries address two common sources of error, ellipses and 
>>quotation marks.
>>I hope to add more entries soon. Contributions from connoisseurs 
>>and wizards with experience in the "black art" (including LaTeX 
>>veterans) would be much appreciated.
>I just read your wiki article. Can you explain how to make
>straight quotes/prime mark into proper typographer's quotes, 
>sometimes called "curly" or "smart" quotes, in Scribus? I would 
>really like to know how to convert regular double or single quote 
>marks to typographical quote marks.

AFAIK, there is no other way than using the Extra > Insert special 
menu to achieve that.
To add a little efficiency to this, you can then paste the desired 
glyph to the Search/Replace dialog and work your way through your 
document using this function. Also AFAIK, you're going to have to 
repeat the operation for each text frame.

I'd suggest making a list of the glyphs you need to change before 
proceeding. Try to figure out all the possible cases where the glyphs 
are used. This is to avoid replacing an open quote, for instance, by 
a closing quote (you might find useful to find also the adjacent 
glyph to make sure you only pick the occurences you really need to 
change). You can do the same with the apostrophe. It takes only a few 
minutes for a 20 page document (as an example).

For more refinements, try also putting ligatures using the same technique.

This would be made simpler with the help of a multiple Search/replace 
feature (see bug #1105).



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