[Scribus] Linux desktops

Robin Rowe rower
Wed Apr 6 00:58:17 CEST 2005


> If we wish Linux to become an alternate desktop to Windows and Mac we have 
> to offer software that is produced with the end-user in mind, not what 
> programmers would like for themselves.

How about Linux as the dominant desktop? In February I spoke at the Desktop 
Linux Summit about "Linux in the Motion Picture Industry". In my industry --  
feature animation and visual effects -- Linux is the dominant OS for both 
desktops and servers.

When I chaired the Linux Movies conference two years ago our theme then was 
Linux conversion success stories at film studios -- how it was getting done. 
People may remember my column at Linux Journal that desribed some of those 
studio conversions at the time. Today there are no major studios left to 
convert to Linux. Our theme for this year's conference will be Linux 
standardization in studios.


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