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Hi all,
~  I tried to build CinePaint several times on Slackware, but it always
exits in make, after configure runs just fine. The problem is somewhere
in something using OpenEXR (which I have installed)... I don't remember
exactly what. Anyone been successful building CinePaint on Slack 9.0 or


Robin Rowe wrote:
| Peter,
|> This prompted me to attempt to build Kai's CMS enabled cinepaint. For
|> the first time, I was sucessful. :)
| That's great!
|> I took a very quick spin with and it looks to me the CMS bits are done
|> correctly and have some functionality still missing in Scribus.
| Glad to hear that!
|> When I wrote that article, Cinepaint was really quite unknown and CMS
|> in Cinepaint, if I recall correctly was just starting in Kai's work.
| Is CMYK support not such an issue as it was then?
|> A quick test shows cinepaint works just fine too. Is there a
|> cinepaint-remote option like gimp-remote to open an existing instance
|> of cinepaint. The -remote option is preferred as it does not block
|> using Scribus either.
|> Calling app directly blocks input into Scribus until it is closed.
| Have never used gimp-remote. No similar feature in CinePaint
currently. Can
| you tell me about the mechanism Scribus uses to call the app? Why does it
| block?
|> I looked at your included spec file which needs some updates to be
|> useful on recent distros. I'll send you an updated one soon.
| Thanks!
|> The other suggestion is to keep the Scribus community aware of what
|> you are doing. Please feel free to send release announces and news
|> our way. www.scribus.net averages about 5-6,000 unique visits per
|> day, so an announce story there can grab some attention.
| Appreciate your kind offer. Would like to hear what Scribus developers
| think
| about what we're doing, but it's too soon to "grab some attention" yet
| the general public. It was a premature emphasis on the new GEGL
| architecture (still vapor five years later) that killed Film Gimp
| (CinePaint) development at GIMP in 2000. I want to be careful not to
do the
| same, not get everyone too worked up about CinePaint's new architecture
| yet.
| That said, big changes are coming to CinePaint. Something like what
| happened
| with the Mozilla project, we've faced the challenge of cleaning up and
| re-engineering a large brittle codebase that we inherited. We continue to
| develop and patch our legacy GIMP-based architecture as we carry forward
| with the new. Our new architecture is much more modular and open, has new
| apps and libraries, and will still collectively be called CinePaint when
| our legacy code is phased out.
| Glasgow - New CinePaint GUI based on FLTK. A ground-up rewrite.
| img_img - A console-based tool something like Magick 'convert'. Through
| OpenImage an image opened in Glasgow can be operated upon via the command
| line or vice versa. The img_img tool is designed for high performance, for
| use on renderfarms (grid computing).
| OpenImage - Something libgimp never achieved was openness with other
| applications. The heart of our new architecture is a new shared memory
| framebuffer plus remote execution through an open procedural database.
| this means is that other apps including Blender and GraphicsMagick will be
| able to directly touch raw images opened by CinePaint and execute
| plug-ins remotely through a text-based protocol. A user of an OpenImage
| supporting app that loads an image into memory will see it open in a
| implicitly in Glasgow. We won't care what app loads the image.
| A big  workflow change, no need to thrash through a
| save-image-to-disk-then-read-it-back cycle to share an image in
| CinePaint. Just load or grab an image already in RAM. Other apps that
| directly modify images in shared memory will have their changes appear
| in Glasgow. Other apps will be able to load their plug-ins into the
| procedural database so any OpenImage-supporting app can trigger them.
|> Also, we use IRC a lot: freenode.net #scribus is a lively place
|> especially evenings CET. All of the team, excepting Craig Ringer live
|> in Europe.
| We're rarely on IRC at CinePaint. Like to keep our discussions on our
| developers list.
| If you'd like me to invite me to visit Scribus IRC at a specific time
| and date for an open discussion about CinePaint let me know. Happy to
| have a chat about our mission and architecture if your community has an
| interest.
| Cheers,
| Robin
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