[Scribus] CinePaint and Glasgow

Robin Rowe rower
Mon Apr 4 23:29:01 CEST 2005


> This prompted me to attempt to build Kai's CMS enabled cinepaint. For
> the first time, I was sucessful. :)

That's great!

> I took a very quick spin with and it looks to me the CMS bits are done
> correctly and have some functionality still missing in Scribus.

Glad to hear that!

> When I wrote that article, Cinepaint was really quite unknown and CMS
> in Cinepaint, if I recall correctly was just starting in Kai's work.

Is CMYK support not such an issue as it was then?

> A quick test shows cinepaint works just fine too. Is there a
> cinepaint-remote option like gimp-remote to open an existing instance
> of cinepaint. The -remote option is preferred as it does not block
> using Scribus either.
> Calling app directly blocks input into Scribus until it is closed.

Have never used gimp-remote. No similar feature in CinePaint currently. Can
you tell me about the mechanism Scribus uses to call the app? Why does it

> I looked at your included spec file which needs some updates to be
> useful on recent distros. I'll send you an updated one soon.


> The other suggestion is to keep the Scribus community aware of what
> you are doing. Please feel free to send release announces and news
> our way. www.scribus.net averages about 5-6,000 unique visits per
> day, so an announce story there can grab some attention.

Appreciate your kind offer. Would like to hear what Scribus developers think
about what we're doing, but it's too soon to "grab some attention" yet from
the general public. It was a premature emphasis on the new GEGL
architecture (still vapor five years later) that killed Film Gimp
(CinePaint) development at GIMP in 2000. I want to be careful not to do the
same, not get everyone too worked up about CinePaint's new architecture yet.

That said, big changes are coming to CinePaint. Something like what happened
with the Mozilla project, we've faced the challenge of cleaning up and
re-engineering a large brittle codebase that we inherited. We continue to
develop and patch our legacy GIMP-based architecture as we carry forward
with the new. Our new architecture is much more modular and open, has new
apps and libraries, and will still collectively be called CinePaint when our 
legacy code is phased out.

Glasgow - New CinePaint GUI based on FLTK. A ground-up rewrite.

img_img - A console-based tool something like Magick 'convert'. Through
OpenImage an image opened in Glasgow can be operated upon via the command
line or vice versa. The img_img tool is designed for high performance, for
use on renderfarms (grid computing).

OpenImage - Something libgimp never achieved was openness with other
applications. The heart of our new architecture is a new shared memory
framebuffer plus remote execution through an open procedural database. What
this means is that other apps including Blender and GraphicsMagick will be
able to directly touch raw images opened by CinePaint and execute CinePaint
plug-ins remotely through a text-based protocol. A user of an OpenImage
supporting app that loads an image into memory will see it open in a window
implicitly in Glasgow. We won't care what app loads the image.

A big  workflow change, no need to thrash through a 
save-image-to-disk-then-read-it-back cycle to share an image in CinePaint. 
Just load or grab an image already in RAM. Other apps that directly modify 
images in shared memory will have their changes appear in Glasgow. Other 
apps will be able to load their plug-ins into the procedural database so any 
OpenImage-supporting app can trigger them.

> Also, we use IRC a lot: freenode.net #scribus is a lively place
> especially evenings CET. All of the team, excepting Craig Ringer live
> in Europe.

We're rarely on IRC at CinePaint. Like to keep our discussions on our 
developers list.

If you'd like me to invite me to visit Scribus IRC at a specific time and 
date for an open discussion about CinePaint let me know. Happy to have a 
chat about our mission and architecture if your community has an interest.


Robin.Rowe at MovieEditor.com   Beverly Hills, California
www.CinePaint.org - Open source digital motion picture software

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