[Scribus] best practice für Publisher- Umsteiger ??

David Christian Berg david
Sun Apr 3 14:52:24 CEST 2005

> Das hat eine Reihe von Nachteilen:
> 1. Wenn die Bilder sehr klein skaliert werden, ist die Datenmenge
> unn?tig gro?
> 2. Die Bildbearbeitung versteht sich idR besser auf das Skalieren - dort
> kommen komplexere Algorithmen zum Einsatz.

Does this mean, that downscaling an image in Scribus while exporting to
pdf will create worse results than opening it in Gimp, sampling it to a
smaller size and then import the newly created image to Scribus?
This doesn't sound very handy to me. I always take the images as they
are when working with InDesign scale them as I like and render them to
300dpi to export them for printing.
Many publications include a huge number of images. You can't tell what
clipping you'd want to have of the image at what size, before placing
it. Therefore what you'd have to do is place the image as you want it,
see, what size it is, open it in Gimp and scale it to that size at
I hope I didn't unnecessarily raise dust.

What I'd like to see:
It'd be cool, to have an image property that that image should be
bicubic-_up_sampled on export... I know it's not really professional,
but sometimes you don't have images in a resolution that is sufficient.

Hmm, I might file an RFE at some point about this :)

Take care!


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