[Scribus] Newbie: Preferences dialog greyed out

Haines Brown brownh
Sun Apr 3 13:45:53 CEST 2005

> On Sunday 03 April 2005 04:13, Haines Brown wrote:

> > OT comment: I'm not used to GUI applications, but back ca. 1995 I
> > used a wonderful word processor based on a DTP approach, named
> > Describe. It used text frames, also, in much the same manner. I
> > wonder if anyone's heard of it.
> Yes.. I had it too on OS/2.

I gather it had Australian origin. Its developer saw the handwriting
on the wall and gave up on it. In fact, gave up on program development
altogether, and, if I recall recorrectly, entered California
politics. He wouldn't release it or sell the code, unfortunately. 

> > But is there any way I can Insert Text Frame from the keyboard (it
> > would have to be dragged to create it, of course)?
> You can in 1.3cvs. All main tools can now be selected by the
> keyboard. 

That settles it; off to CVS I'll go, once I'm more comfortable with
the 1.2.1 I've now got.

Thanks again.


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