[Scribus] Selecting and moving overlapping frames in 1.2.2cvs

wayne iw
Sat Apr 2 11:00:23 CEST 2005

On Friday 01 April 2005 10:47 pm, Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:

> Thanks to Olexandrs debian packages I am now running the cvs from
> 27032005. Thank you very much for providing these packages!
> First of all I tested a bug which annoys me all the time and was
> reported being fixed in cvs
> When you have overlapping frames, select one frame, click on the handle
> which is over or under the overlapping frame the overlapped frame gets
> selected and you cannot alter the size of the selected frame.
> I tried to search for the bug on scribus.net. 1659 comes near but does
> not really cover the problem.
> Shall I report the bug or was it only fixed in a newer version?
> juh

When I have overlapping frames and want to adjust any of the overlapped 
handles, I hold the control key down and then click and drag the handle. 
Works every time so far.


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