[Scribus] Catalan translation

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Sep 30 23:35:03 CEST 2004

On Thursday 30 September 2004 23:21, Josep Febrer wrote:
> A Dijous 30 Setembre 2004 21:12, Craig Bradney va escriure:
> > ok, well we currently have one person doing Spanish and one doing
> > Catalan. I think you should be in touch with them and collaborate. We now
> > cannot just accept your translation and not theirs, I hope you
> > understand. We of course dont mind a team working together -we have this
> > for the French translation. This is the reason I have sent numerous
> > emails over the past months regarding translations, especially before the
> > 1.2 release.
> Hi Craig,
> Yes, I understand you. I will try to help them if I can.
> I'm sorry that I couldn't keep updated my translations. I hoped to do
> before Scribus 1.2, but unfortunatelly to me other things keep me very
> busy. I'm just seeing your mails now, sorry for the inconveniences.
> If I can, I will try my best.
> Scribus is a great project that I appreciate a lot.
> Josep

Hi Josep,

Its no problem, but we just need to keep in touch to make sure we know if 
people are still interested in contributing. Sometimes people just disappear. 
Welcome back :)


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