[Scribus] Mirrored PDF output

Malte Cornils malte
Thu Sep 30 05:09:30 CEST 2004


we were looking for the option to reflect (horizontally mirror) not only PS 
output, but also PDF export output.

Attached is a patch that should do this in libpdf (except for the thumbnails, 
but it doesn't make a lot of sense there anyway). Please check it.

However, I use if (true) constructs since it is not hooked up to some GUI yet, 
so all exported PDFs are reflected now ;->

It should probably be a QCheckBox( tr("Mirror Page(s) &Horizontal") in the 
Extra tab of pdfopts.cpp. I have forgotten everything I ever new about Qt 
dialogs though, maybe you could add something like that?

(vertical mirroring should be easy too, the common transformation matrix is sx 
0 0 sy tx ty)

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