[Scribus] Re: Line Spacing per paragraph or per line?

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Sep 30 00:07:24 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 05:26, Dale wrote:
> Thank you very much.  The ladies at the newspaper will be very very 
> happy.  She is pleased with everything else in Scribus.
> This beats windows.  You ask for something, you get it.  :)

What attracts me personally is that if you need something, you can add
it. Sometimes I can add things myself or learn enough to (time
permitting). For other things it is possible to contract somebody to do
something (either from the project in question if someone is interested,
or a 3rd party). Sure, both of those are "expensive" either in my own
time or in money, but it sometimes makes sense to do, and it's a great
option to have.

Eventually I won't have to deal with the typical response of a certain
large DTP company ever again. I'm tired of every bug report being
greeted by "upgrade to version 6" (not unreasonable if it didn't cost as
much as a new seat used to and didn't require a total system upgrade) or
"yeah, we know. Bye."

Of course, that's not to detract from Franz's amazing ability to fix a
bug barely after you finish clicking "submit" on the report. Nor from
the way the devel team are friendly and willing to listen to ideas,
suggestions, and constructive criticism. Rather, the ability to make my
own enhancements builds on top of that.

One simple thing is also mattering more and more to me. It's possible to
compile Scribus (and most other OSS software) with full debugging
symbols, so when something goes wrong you can figure out why. As
somebody all too used to "The application <blah> has unexpectedly quit
because an error of type -1 has occurred." [user clicks ok] [bomb symbol
with restart button appears], I'm getting to really like that.

This unexpected burst of positiveness exhausted, I'm now going to go
back to swearing angrily at Kdevelop and considering beating my head
against a wall :-P

Craig Ringer

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