[Scribus] First issue completed but scrolling speed is a major issue

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Sep 26 23:59:02 CEST 2004

> The minor issue is the most obvious on the first page.  Note that the
> text in the Countryside Motors ad on the front page is messed up.
> That text is just fine before the .sla document is saved, but when you
> reload the .sla it's messed up again and has to be fixed.  I didn't
> fix it this time so you can see what it does.

I have a feeling I've seen something like this before and it may relate to non 
printing characters in the text.. maybe.

> The major issue is scrolling speed.  The way that the paper is laid
> out currently is as follows:

No suggestions yet, but if you could send me the sla file source I could test 
it here. (File, Collect for Output).

BTW, what distro, PC specs (I know 2ghz athlon), gcc level, ghostscript level, 
freetype level, libart level etc.


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