[Scribus] automatic form generation using scribus

John Harrold jmh17
Thu Sep 23 21:07:34 CEST 2004


I have something that I've been doing with latex and I was wondering if
scribus might be better to the job. We have an online application here
where students submit information in a web page. The information is stored
in a database and when the secretaries want it, a script pulls the info
from a database, does some search and replace on a latex template, compiles
the latex document and spits out a pdf for printing. 

Now for my silly question: Is it possible to create a template in scribus
and with scripts fill in the info for the template and produce a pdf file?

I guess this would require running scribus in a batch mode with no user
interaction. Is this possible?

I'm new to scribus, so I hope you can be patient with me.

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