[Scribus] wmf files

Robert Kaiser KaiRo
Wed Sep 22 14:30:30 CEST 2004

[re-sending including mailing list - sorry, forgot it the first time]

>>IIRC, OpenOffice Draw can import/open WMF files quite well, and it can
>>save EPS good enough to use them in Scribus, so that sounds like a nice
>>way to me...
>>I think I converted my logos to EPS that way actually (after I had
>>exported WMF from CorelDRAW! a long time ago, when I was still working
>>on Windoze)...
> I just opened a wmf file with openoffice draw. When I went to save as I did 
> not see an familar file types. I'm just learn scribus and linux, so I can get 
> rid of MS. Which type do I need to save it as to use in Scribus? I saw 
> nothing that refered to EPS. (not sure what EPS is)

Use "Export..." from the File menu - and you'll see EPS quite near the 
top of the file formats list. I also found SVG in the options in my OOo 
1.1.1 version, but I've not yet tested how good the output is usable in 
Scribus - I know though that using EPS generated by OOo Draw do work 
very well...

Robert Kaiser

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