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Craig Ringer craig
Wed Sep 22 09:01:33 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 10:31, Russ Fineman wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 September 2004 17:38, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> > >>That said, converting to SVG or EPS (vector) is preferable. WMF is not a
> > >>really ideal format for a print oriented application. Imagemagik or
> > >> Xnview can convert it to many different formats
> > >
> > > There are (apparently) a lot of commercial "clip art collection" cds
> > > around that use WMF format files, though.  It's a lot nicer to be able
> > > to tell someone that he can just drop the graphic into his application
> > > rather than having to do X,Y and Z before he can use the graphic that
> > > he paid for.

Well, it is probably possible to write a wmf import plugin for Scribus
using libwmf. The ps/eps importer plugin demonstrates how to create the
required vectors and how to use the plugin interface.

Regarding clipart collections, they often seem to come with "mac"
versions - usually EPS files - of the wmf artwork. Those should do
nicely for use in Scribus.

> I just opened a wmf file with openoffice draw. When I went to save as I did 
> not see an familar file types. I'm just learn scribus and linux, so I can get 
> rid of MS. Which type do I need to save it as to use in Scribus? I saw 
> nothing that refered to EPS. (not sure what EPS is)

EPS - encapsulated PostScript - is a file format that's essentially a
program to generate output on a printer or other device. It's usually
used as a format for vector graphics, or mixed vector, bitmap, and text
graphics. A very handy format it is, too, though SVG is looking like it
will take over a lot of the current uses of EPS.

Craig Ringer

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