[Scribus] Fullscreen in scribus-generated PDF

Pieter Edelman p.edelman
Sat Sep 18 18:11:06 CEST 2004

Hi everybody,

I'm new to this list so I'm not sure if this subject has been discussed 
before. I sent this message before to comp.text.pdf but unfortunately there 
was no response.

Just fur fun, I am playing around with interactive PDF files created by 
scribus. I want to be able to open a PDF file in fullscreen mode via 
javascript as the scribus exporter is only able to set page transitions as 
far as I can see. But if I put:

app.fs.isFullScreen = true;

outside any document definition, nothing happens when I open the PDF in 
Acrobat Reader (as opposed to app.alert(...), which displays an alert box as 
expected). If this code is executed In response to a user action, everything 
works fine. The problem has probably something to do with the fact that the 
document isn't displayed on execution time, so as a workaround I can attach 
the following code:

function makeFullScreen() {
  app.fs.isFullScreen = true;
  if (!app.fs.isFullScreen) {
    app.setTimeOut("makeFullScreen()", 100);


This works, but isn't really elegant. If I understand correctly, in Acrobat 
you can attach actions to certain events like a page draw, but scribus 
doesn't offer this functionality. So is it possible to catch such an event in 
javascript and perform an action based on it? Or is there another method?

Like science? Like cartoons? Wicked...

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