[Scribus] Windows port

PFJ paul
Thu Sep 16 13:23:26 CEST 2004

> > > > Big business doesn't like Scribus. We must be doing something
> > > > right!
> > > 
> > > Sigh.... We're just another virus...
> > > Let's get Paul one of those cheap windows walmart pc's!
> And/or a QT licence and some VMWare :> (QT costs 1340 euros for a single
> developer).
> Anyway - maybe someone could write to Trolltech (while Scribus is a
> Trolltech Cool App) to "lend" some licences for the Scribus project as
> it does for the PSI project ( http://dot.kde.org/1081772638/1081810258/
> )

The problem is not on the linux side and in the past, the Trolls have
bent over backwards to help when problems have turned up.

The problem is the Win32 side. I have the educational licence at work
which means I can build it happily (if they let me that is!) but the
commercial licence is what costs. As the software does not fall under
the badge of education (as far as the Trolls are concerned), development
would need the commercial version - which they're not that willing to
let out.

I'm still hopeful of coming to a compromise with my employers over this,
but it may not happen for a while.

For the record though, I have got a version running moderately stable
here of the 1.1.6 branch natively under win32. Nothing is impossible....



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