[Scribus] scribalbum.pl

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Sep 14 22:21:06 CEST 2004

Wesley T Allen wrote:

>	If nothing else, I think you've created a useful "proof of concept"
>script.  This shows that some pretty interesting things can be done with
>a script, OUTSIDE of scribus, to create useful scribus apps.  It's
>pretty dang cool, actually; I can't wait to try it.
>	This is one of the best arguments I've seen for completely open
I think there could be a potential application for this as an 
alternative to using Scribus with templates. Say you have a newsletter 
that is highly structured, and also something that does not deserve nor 
require ones highest aesthetic design skills.  Perl might even be able 
to crack the autosizing of text frame "nut" that some have asked about, 
at least as a close approximation. Python still has a better shot at 
that, since it's working from the inside.

The idea is not to take away from Scribus any of the things it does 
expertly well; this is only what you might consider an "intro" to 
Scribus, or a helper app.


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