[Scribus] Simple Question ?

BandiPat magicpage91
Sun Sep 12 21:21:50 CEST 2004

Tom2 wrote:
> I have been using Scribus for my newsletters for over a year and have 
> never run into this problem before.
> Prior to Version 1.2, I had no trouble getting text to "run-around" 
> pictures.
> Now, it seems that this is defaulted to "off". But i don't know how to 
> turn it "on"
> Sorry for this but I want to do another newsletter and fine that the 
> pictures don't push the text over like it did before.
> This must be something I am missing.
> Tom
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

It would probably be best to actually work with your "Properties" window 
open while laying things out.  I'm really surprised you haven't done 
that already, but it sounds as if you have gotten along quite nicely 
without it thus far.  From your menu, go to Tools>Properties to open the 
window.  As someone else mentioned already, select the object/graphic to 
make it active then in your properties window, click the Shape tab and 
at the bottom "Text Flows Around Frame", check that and you're back to 
your normal setting.

Again, as someone mentioned, that use to be the default setting, but due 
to several of us requesting otherwise, Franz changed it.  As we got more 
requests to turn it off by default then on, more of us don't have to 
stop our work flow now to adjust that.  Hope it's not too much of an 
inconvenience to you.  Afterall, you are the only one to complain about 
it before or after the change!  ;o)

Have fun,

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