[Scribus] Setting up PDF for newspaper press

Riku Leino Tsoots foom
Fri Sep 10 22:41:23 CEST 2004

Frank Cox wrote:
> Is there a way to generate a PDF file from Scribus with a very specific layout.
> I need each PDF page consist of four "actual" pages, to look something
> like this:
> 1   4
> 2   3
> with pages 1 and 4 being "upside down" to pages 2 and 3.  (These
> aren't the right page numbers and I don't have the template in front
> of me at the moment, but that's the general idea.)

Don't know any other way to do this than the hard way. For example if 
your original single page is size B5 then create a document with page 
size B3 which will hold four B5 pages and start importing pages from the 
original doc. Scribus will always import pages to the top left corner so 
in this case import page 1 last. After importing a page you can group 
the page on B3 doc and rotate 180 degress to get them upside down. 
This'll need lot of work but at least it can be done. Don't know if the 
scripter allows this type of things to make it more automatic.

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