[Scribus] calendar templates source?

Roibeárd Billson reb
Fri Sep 10 21:13:52 CEST 2004

Hi everyone... I'm yet another Scribus newbie. :-) I'm very impressed
Scribus! A big thanks to all the developers for excellent work!

Two quick questions: I want to design a small calendar something along
the lines of a planner which will fit in a backpack. Yes, I know I could
go out and buy one. Where's the fun in that when I can use the project to
help me learn Scribus? :-) The two templates which came with Scribus aren't
quite what I am looking for. Are there any other templates out there?

I googled but came up empty. Does anyone have any pointers?

Question #2: Are there any websites collecting freely shareable Scribus
templates and scripts?

Thanks for the help!
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