[Scribus] A few questions (gradients, styles)

Grzegorz Staniak gstaniak
Fri Sep 10 16:09:07 CEST 2004

Craig Bradney [cbradney at zip.com.au] writes:
> > Anyway, I have one more practical question: how can I define the amount
> > of space between text content and a frame this content flows around? 
> > I created a big text frame with three columns, and now I would like to
> > insert a smaller text frame with a "paragraph highlight" quote inside
> > between two of the columns. When I choose "Text flows around frame" for
> > the small frame it looks OK, the small frame pushes the content of the
> > columns apart, and I can set the _internal_ margin between the frame and
> > the quote, but when I set the background color of the small frame to
> > other than default, I can see that the text that flows around touches
> > the frame. I'm not sure I explained well what the problem is, but is there 
> > a way to set an _external_ margin on the small frame? 
> Theres a checkbox called Use Contour Line as well. Tick that, and then
> go to the Shapes tab of Properties Palette. Hit Edit Shape and then
> select Edit Contour Line. The easiest way to do the kind of thing you
> want is to set the % enlargement and hit the enlarge button.

Great. It works like a charm. Thanks a lot. 

> Craig

Grzegorz Staniak <gstaniak _at_ wp [dot] pl>

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