[Scribus] A few questions (gradients, styles)

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Sep 10 15:54:50 CEST 2004

> Anyway, I have one more practical question: how can I define the amount
> of space between text content and a frame this content flows around? 
> I created a big text frame with three columns, and now I would like to
> insert a smaller text frame with a "paragraph highlight" quote inside
> between two of the columns. When I choose "Text flows around frame" for
> the small frame it looks OK, the small frame pushes the content of the
> columns apart, and I can set the _internal_ margin between the frame and
> the quote, but when I set the background color of the small frame to
> other than default, I can see that the text that flows around touches
> the frame. I'm not sure I explained well what the problem is, but is there 
> a way to set an _external_ margin on the small frame? 

Theres a checkbox called Use Contour Line as well. Tick that, and then
go to the Shapes tab of Properties Palette. Hit Edit Shape and then
select Edit Contour Line. The easiest way to do the kind of thing you
want is to set the % enlargement and hit the enlarge button.

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