[Scribus] Drawing curved lines

linuxlingam linuxlingam
Fri Sep 10 00:10:37 CEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-09-10 at 03:08, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Something I have never mastered is how to use tools such as in Scribus 
> for drawing curved lines.  In the various pieces of software I've used, 
> I never seen a description of how your "supposed" to be able to easily 
> draw a Bezier curve.  Even just drawing a simple arc, mine always seem 
> to go the wrong way -- eventually I can fix them with editing, but for 
> me it's a tremendous effort. 
> Is there any help out there?

http://www.niyam.com/gnulinux.php has a link to a tutorial on sodipodi,
which is based on bezier-curves. you could apply the techniques
mentioned in the sodipodi tutorial for *any* bezier curve tool in *any*
software on *any* platform.

(think connect the dots: with curves)



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