[Scribus] Manual for scribus 1.2?

Martin Costabel costabel
Thu Sep 9 09:59:39 CEST 2004

In the scribus-1.2 package for Fink which I am maintaining, the 
Help->Scribus Manual menu entry only produces the message

Sorry, no manual available! Please see: http://scribus.net for updated 
docs and downloads.

On previous versions, one installed the files from 
scribus-i18n-en.tar.gz to get the Scribus manual. On 1.2, these files do 
not seem to be recognized any more. They are outdated, too, I guess.

Is there a newer version of scribus-i18n that I cannot see, or has the 
help system changed while I was not looking, or am I just being stupid 
and overlooking something obvious?

I should perhaps add that the help viewer for Help->Scribus Scripter is 
working perfectly.


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