[Scribus] bad trouble: could not print at all.

Plinnell scribusdocs
Wed Sep 8 17:51:55 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 08 September 2004 14:07, Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> I spent two days design a publication, and the draft must be printed
> tomorrow. I only have this Laserjet ps level 2 printer in the office, if
> I could not print it, I'll have to find another good print shop to do it.
> 1) print with postscript level 3 make the printer puzzle. Nothing gets
> printed.
> 2) print with postscript level 2, nothing gets printed, ghostscript
> coredumps.
> 3) print to a ps file at level 2, 0 byte file created, ghostscript
> coredumps.
> 4) print to a ps file at level 3, upload it to
> http://createpdf.adobe.com and Adobe give me back a pdf file. Print the
> PDF file by acroread5, the printer busy flash LED for one hour and
> prompt "low printer memory". (Print job size is 2.4 MB and printer
> memory is 24MB.)
> 5) export the file as 150 dpi raster image file, print the file using
> cups lp(1), result is ugly and hard to recognize, all fonts less than
> 9pt could not read, not clear.
> 6) export as svg not tried: I don't have good apps to print in that format.
> 7) export as PDF file, acroead (both Windows version 6 and Linux version
> 5) prompt "error number 122" and half of the pulication objects are not
> visible (most notibly, the two charts)
> So there is no way to print it :(
> I don't know why, I am only designing a one page report with two charts
> (vector graphics), and scribus takes 10 min to load saved document on my
> PIII 800MHz 256 MB memory freeBSD box, and swap memory usage grows very
> soon from 0MB to 321MB. Is scribus this CPU hungary?

1) How many Chinese fonts are in the doc ?

2) Have you imported any thing as EPS or PDF ?

3) You could try converting all fonts to outlines before attempting to print 
or the opposite is occuring, the postscript outlines are too complex for the 
Laser Jet to print.

4) The slow loading is unusual. I can comfortably open and export 70-90 page 
docs with my elderly PII 450 on Suse 9.1. I have opened and exported large 
docs with 150 page plus, which resulted in a 250 Mb PDF.

The error number 122 and acro reader issue, I've never ever seen. 

As a general note, printing to PS 2 level lasers sometimes can be very slow 
from DTP apps. I've seen this with both Quark 4 and 5, as well as PM 7. DTP 
apps in general create more complex PS output than other apps.


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