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Craig Ringer craig
Wed Sep 8 14:15:23 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 19:52, s20031701 at tuks.co.za wrote:
> hi again,
> I have been attemting to write a script to do some stuff for me. I cant find 
> anything about checking a textbox to see if its overflowing.

I was also unable to find anything on that.

> Or how many lines 
> of text is in it.


> The function GetTextLength seems to return the amount of 
> caracters. Is there a function to get the number of lines? or if the text fits 
> the box?

Not that I'm aware of. I'm learning to add functions to the scripter
partly so I can try to implement a 'NeedsReflow(textbox)' function.

> If it cant be done can I add it to todo list?

It's already on my TODO list :-)

Craig Ringer

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