[Scribus] Something not necessarily grand or exciting

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Sep 8 03:27:36 CEST 2004

Today I spent some time (not a lot, really) translating some forms I use 
(as a neurologist).  I made many of these over the years, most recently 
in latex -- took a while to figure out what I needed, and how to put 
things where I wanted them.  Part of the form incorporates some vector 
drawings I made with xfig -- fortunately a lot of cloning was involved.  
I converted these to EPS files to incorporate into latex, then to PS 
with dvips.

It took me so long to get things figured out with latex, I've been too 
lazy to modify it for years.  So today, after perhaps no more than an 
hour or so, I had a version with Scribus, then a PDF. If anyone wants to 
take a look, they're at ftp://nsapsc.com -- there's a .sla and a .pdf of 
the same form.  The "stick figure" is something new (neurologists use  
this to mark notes about reflexes), and made piece by piece with 
Scribus; probably could have made it faster with Inkscape, but I didn't 
have that on the computer at the office.

It somewhat surprised me that the .sla file is much bigger than the .pdf 
-- must be the EPS files?

Greg Pittman

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