[Scribus] Scribus Installation Problems

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Sep 6 07:02:47 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-06 at 12:53, Kwasi Anim wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am having difficulty installing scribus 1.2 on a
> Debian Sid system. If I try to compile from source, I
> get the following error message:
>    Checking for X ... configure: error: Can't find X
> includes. Please check your installation and add the
> correct paths!
> What are those include files called?

It sounds like you might be missing the xlib development packages. Try
running 'dpkg -l xlibs-dev'. If it reports the status as 'un' then the
chances are you do not have the X11 development libraries and headers
installed. If so, run 'apt-get install xlibs-dev' to install them. If
you had to install xlibs-dev then your system may well be missing other
development packages as well, so configure may fail again further along.

It is generally possible to find out exactly what file configure is
looking for and not finding by reading the config.log generated by
configure. The information you need is usually toward the end, but not
at the end, and is a gcc compiler error message.

As for the installation of the Debian package, I can't really help you
with that. It is possible - I don't know - that it's not built for sid.

Craig Ringer

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