[Scribus] Importing formatted text

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Mon Sep 6 00:49:17 CEST 2004

I have written a custom database program for classified ads that
currently outputs HTML-formatted text.  Nothing too fancy:  Set and
unset boldface and underlining, set font, set font size, set and unset

I have been importing this HTML file into OpenOffice to generate a
classified ad newspaper.  The HTML formatting above allows me to have
the headings centered and in a different font than the actual

I see that there was some mention of RTF text importing into Scribus
quite some time ago.  Did that ever go anywhere?

Has there been any consideration given to importing HTML-formatted text?

Is there any other way to get pre-formatted text into Scribus?  Or am
I stuck with creating a plain text output from my database, importing
that into Scribus, then going through it manually to set the heading
fonts and so on.

I can output any file format that works from my database, I suppose,
as long as I know what that format is.

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