[Scribus] page numbers in TTF fonts don't print

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Mon Sep 6 00:42:30 CEST 2004

Using the scribus 1.2 rpm on Fedora Core 2, I can't print a document
using a Truetype font for the page number.  (Incidentally, i had to
change the shortcut key for "insert page number" to ctrl-3 instead of
the default ctrl-# as ctrl-# didn't seem to do anything at all.)

To reproduce the bug:

Create a new document.
Create a text box.
Edit text.
Select a TTF font.  (Times New Roman)
Insert a page number (ctrl-3 for me, as noted above)
Everything ooks ok on the screen, "1" shows up just where it should in
Times New Roman font.
File-Print Preview
No document shows in the window that pops up.  Totally blank except
for the controls at the top.
Nothing at all.  Printer doesn't even fire up.

Using a non-Truetype font (Nimbus Roman No9 L Regular) for the page
number works fine, prints fine.  And using a TTF font for the word in
front of the page number ("Page" in Times New Roman) also works fine.

Incidentally, I am in the process of setting up a template for a
weekly classified ad paper.  We have been using OpenOffice to do the
layout to this point, but now that the paper exceeds 40 pages of
rather complex formatting (commercial ads, classified ads, graphics,
what-have-you), OpenOffice is becoming rather unstable and doing odd
things -- unrecoverable errors, locking up, moving stuff around by
itself sometimes.  Therefore I have decided to try using Scribus to do
the layout with the hope that it will be more stable and usable under
this workload.

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