[Scribus] A few questions (gradients, styles)

Tanja Biersack tanja.biersack
Sat Sep 4 23:32:23 CEST 2004

Hello Grzegorz Staniak:

You asked:

> 1) Is it possible to apply a gradient to a text frame? So far it looks
> to me like I have to convert text to curves in order to do that. Is it
> possible to convert it back to text if I need to change it?
> 2) Does Scribus have a styles mechanism, i.e. can I assign some elements
> to a style and then change its properties to modify all those elements
> at once? For example, I have subtitles under graphics images, and I
> would like to nudge them all ot once to move them a bit further away
> from images. Is it possible to do in Scribus?

As far as i understood your questions you want to have the gradient in the 
textgrame. This is no problem. Just look in the properties under colors. If 
you just want to color the text with gradients i think you will have to 
convert it to curves and this is a oneway operation. 

For quetion 2: if you have made the subtitles in many textframes you could 
group them. If not you coul manipulate the space between the lines in your 
style sheet.

But i am shure, that i dont know everything.
Tanja Biersack

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