[Scribus] Scribus Nominated As A Finalist For Linux Format Awards 2004

Sebastian Röder sebroeder
Fri Sep 3 11:43:57 CEST 2004

> All the same, today I was thinking that Scribus is a piece of software
> that universities and secondary schools should be made aware of -- there
> really isn't anything like it in the whole Mac/PC world, as far as
> "free" as in "FREE" software that has these kinds of capabilities to
> generate flyers, newsletters, and other high quality DTP work.
> Greg

Unfortunally the every day situation is far away from this good idea. The 
teacher of my secondary school who deals with the computer realeted things 
told me some weeks ago when I proposed some Linux software that even the SuSE 
Linux Server has been replaced by a Windows solution. Linux on the Clients 
seems to be impossible for the next decades. I would be glad, if they at 
least teach the students in OpenOffice (on Win) instead of Word, because I do 
not know one student with an valid licence for Word / MS Office ... But most 
of then prefer searching the web for some MS Software cracks than looking for 
free software alternatives.

Same on the JugenMedienCamp 2004 (jouth media camp) where I lead a Layout 
workshop on SuSE 9.1 /KDE /Scribus 1.2cvs machines. My idea was that 
Linux /OpenSource is perfect for students, since they are quite familar with 
Computers, learn new things faster then there parents, are looking for cheap 
software to fullfill there tasks like writing docs, making DTP stuff and may 
be impressed by the comunitiy feeling of Linux.

But most of then were not realy interessted, didn`t want to play around when 
things are sligthly different from Win and offered me to burn a CD of 
InDesign for me, so I can use some real "cool" Software for free.

The walls are very high here, but maybe there are more possitive examples out 
there - my sister likes my Linux ;-)   

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