[Scribus] Pdf exporting

Plinnell scribusdocs
Thu Sep 2 13:27:06 CEST 2004

On Thursday 02 September 2004 11:50, s20031701 at tuks.co.za wrote:
> I have a pdf problem but its not really a scribus problem.
> Our printers rip rejects our pdfs. To start of with, they only take pdf 1.3
> (cmyk) (x-1a) but scribus 1.2(RC and final) pdfs got rejected (and I did
> export it as 1.3) the problem is with a certain command. Their rip's output
> looks like this:
> "Subject: Not Available
> Author:
> Keywords:
> Creator: Scribus 1.2
> Producer: Libpdf for Scribus 1.2
> CreationDate: D:20040902103151
> ModDate: D:20040902103151
> Total time: 3 seconds
> %%[ Error: rangecheck; OffendingCommand: Tj(PDF); File: %ip:Spread% ]%%
> %%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end of file) will be ignored ]%%
> Job Not Completed: test1.pdf"
> BUT, i sent them a scribus 1.1.6 pdf and it didnt give problems. Also 1.2's
> pdfs distills ok. 

Then one can make a good guess there is nothing inherently wrong with the PDF. 

>Why does this happen? Can I get a 1.2 that doesnt use
> this command (or can I maybe shut it off manually?)

If I had to bet, this is a bug in their RIP. If there is an update, this might 
fix it. I say this because, if their limit with PDF is 1.3 and only PDF/X-1, 
then it is probably an older RIP which does not support all PDF 1.3 features.

By its nature, it is not easy to edit the source of a PDF either.
> Thanks,
> Kobus
> P.S. They use GRAPIX or something like that as rip software.

This link might be instructive: 

and http://docs.scribus.net/content/en/pdfs/pre-press.pdf

I just updated the pre-press.pdf a few days ago.

If you wish, send me a link to a page or two of the 1.2 PDF which is causing 
problems. Please *not* as an attachment, im on slow dial up. I have access to 
specialist PDF preflighting software which is used for diagnosing and fixing 
troublesome PDF.

However, I stand by my general statement that Scribus does generate very spec 
conformant PDF. I have done extensive testing of Scribus PDF's with a recent 
Fiery RIP. I have never really had issues either with PDF or directly 
printing in CMYK PS 3. This outlined in detail in that linked PDF.

Hope that helps,

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