[Scribus] Absolute newbie: typographical symbols

Graham Monk gdmonk
Wed Sep 1 22:19:27 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 13:58, Bruce R. Miller wrote:
> I have been asked to edit and ``typeset" an eight-page
> newsletter for a volunteer organization --- within the
> next 36 hours! The previous editor (moved to another
> city) used Microsoft Publisher. I do not want to use
> that, but this is literally learning Scribus ``on the
> fly".
> With apologies for not doing the work myself to find
> the information, can someone point me to any
> documentation on:
> (1) how to insert common ``typographical" symbols into
> plain text files, e.g. endash, emdash, typograthic
> apostrophes and quotation marks, bullets (ugh) and the
> like.
> (2) given where I live in Canada, the newsletter has
> to  contain a mixture of English- and French-language
> content. My French text displays fine in kvim but not
> with cat or less at the command line.
> Can someone point me to the hoops I must go through to
> ensure correct printing of French accented letters.
> Once again, my apologies to all for asking for help
> rather than finding the information myself. I am under
> intense time pressure and allowed myself only a rapid
> look through the Scribus online documentation.
> I hope to reach a point to offer back; until then,
> thanks in advance.
> Bruce Miller
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

As far as the French accents go I am using SUSE 9.1 pro
and using Control Center>Regional & Accesibility>Keyboard Layout
I have set up US English and US English with deadkeys.
You can switch by clicking the symbol in the taskbar.
This allows you to click on say  '   which at first does nothing,
then when you type e you get ? and so on. Little bit clunky
but works if you haven got too much French.

P.S. Thanks to those people on the list who helped me
find this out.


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