[Scribus] PDF form list box - how to give the possible values

Riku Leino Tsoots foom
Wed Sep 1 11:20:53 CEST 2004

Marc Haber wrote:
> However, the combo boxes don't seem to behave as I am used to.
> Usually, in a combo box, you are allowed to edit the value if you want
> to enter something that's not in the values. That does not seem to
> work in the combo boxes created by scribus. Am I still doing something
> wrong here?

I think it's more often the case that one want's to give only specific 
options to users to choose from not allow them to enter anything but 
default values. That's probably why combo box isn't editable by default.
Anyway, here's how you make them editable. Create a combo box, right 
click on it and choose PDF Options -> Field Properties. There on the 
"Options" page you'll find a check box for making the combo box Editable

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