[Scribus] Random crashes

Johannes Wolter j
Sat Oct 30 11:08:53 CEST 2004

On Saturday 30 October 2004 10:22, Frank Cox wrote:
> Is anyone else experiencing semi-regular random crashes?
> "Scribus exits with Signal 11".
> This happens on a semi-regular basis on two machines that I'm using to
> layout a (currently 40-page long) classified ad paper on.  It's not a
> memory problem (one machine has 1.5gb of ram and the other has 1gb of
> ram) and it's not particulary consistent or repeatable.
> It happens most often (I think) when using the story editor and
> highlighting some of the text using the mouse.
> It happens for no particular reason at other times.  Do "something",
> !crash!.  Re-load Scribus, re-load the document, do the same thing
> again, and it works.

I experienced the same problem. The crashes occurred especially when I tried 
to move an object with the mouse. Lately it happend quite often (up to every 
two minutes).

I'm using the current Debian unstable version.

Thanks for any advice,
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