[Scribus] Command Line Interface

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Oct 29 19:03:36 CEST 2004

On Friday 29 October 2004 18:22, mark wrote:
> I'm trying to work on a CLI for scribus to run python scripts w/o a
> gui.  This would allow scribus to work as a PDF rendering engine for
> scribus XML files as templates, or, with a little help from python, a
> press-ready XSL-FO rendering engine.  I'm trying to modify the program
> to do this, but it looks like the plugin system is heavily tied to QT.
> I wouldn't mind keeping the plugin system tie to QT and requiring QT and
> X for the command line process, but I can't seem to include
> scriptplugin.h w/o breaking a lot of dependencies in pconsole.h and
> other .h files in the plugin dir.  Here's my diff with the very
> beginnings of my idea.

The idea is good, tho XSL-FO is not designed for press work, hence we are not 
using it for the new Scribus 1.3 format.

I quote:
"XSLFO is more oriented to content-based formatting than layout-based 
formatting, though there do exist certain controls for the positioning, 
cropping, and flowing of information to particular areas of pages in page 
sequences. XSLFO can express the repetition of page geometries, mechanically 
accommodating the content as flowed by a transformation of the information 
into the formatting vocabulary. There is only limited support of the order of 
specific page sequences, and high-caliber copy-fitting requirements often 
cannot be met with mechanical unattended transformations."

The whole program is highly tied to Qt. Will be interesting to see your idea 

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