[Scribus] Command Line Interface

mark mkimsal
Fri Oct 29 18:22:02 CEST 2004

I'm trying to work on a CLI for scribus to run python scripts w/o a 
gui.  This would allow scribus to work as a PDF rendering engine for 
scribus XML files as templates, or, with a little help from python, a 
press-ready XSL-FO rendering engine.  I'm trying to modify the program 
to do this, but it looks like the plugin system is heavily tied to QT.  
I wouldn't mind keeping the plugin system tie to QT and requiring QT and 
X for the command line process, but I can't seem to include 
scriptplugin.h w/o breaking a lot of dependencies in pconsole.h and 
other .h files in the plugin dir.  Here's my diff with the very 
beginnings of my idea.

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