[Scribus] export--import

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Oct 29 09:24:26 CEST 2004

On Friday 29 October 2004 02:49, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> As an experiment, I've just taken one of my Scribus-to-pdf
> presentations, and attempted to export a page (from the Scribus
> document, of course), then import back into Scribus, as if I was going
> to make a handout with the slides.
> Although exporting to SVG then importing worked, it worked quite poorly,
> with a modification of the typeface, and malpositioned typeface at
> that.  The frames of some pictures on the page were in scale with the
> overall frame, but the image contents did not shrink to the same
> relative size that they were in the original, so only part of the image
> is visible.  The gradient background was OK.
> Attempting to export as EPS gave no complaints, yet could not be
> imported into Scribus.
> Exporting to PNG worked, but the default resolution of "72ppi" was quite
> unsatisfactory, as assessed by exporting the subsequent Scribus
> importation document to PDF.  Increasing to 200ppi was perhaps a bare
> minimum of quality one would want in the final PDF.  The advantage of
> the PNG was that the elements of the page were quite accurate
> individually and were scaled appropriately.

text in SVG needs work.. 
PDF import.. soon enough.. 
image export.. Petr?

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