[Scribus] export--import

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Oct 29 02:49:30 CEST 2004

As an experiment, I've just taken one of my Scribus-to-pdf 
presentations, and attempted to export a page (from the Scribus 
document, of course), then import back into Scribus, as if I was going 
to make a handout with the slides.

Although exporting to SVG then importing worked, it worked quite poorly, 
with a modification of the typeface, and malpositioned typeface at 
that.  The frames of some pictures on the page were in scale with the 
overall frame, but the image contents did not shrink to the same 
relative size that they were in the original, so only part of the image 
is visible.  The gradient background was OK.

Attempting to export as EPS gave no complaints, yet could not be 
imported into Scribus.

Exporting to PNG worked, but the default resolution of "72ppi" was quite 
unsatisfactory, as assessed by exporting the subsequent Scribus 
importation document to PDF.  Increasing to 200ppi was perhaps a bare 
minimum of quality one would want in the final PDF.  The advantage of 
the PNG was that the elements of the page were quite accurate 
individually and were scaled appropriately.

At this point, I would have to say that exporting pages as images is the 
only useful option. (14 October 2004 build)

Greg Pittman

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